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a book of viking legends

Based on ancient Viking legends, it tells of ill-fated deeds of tragedy and strife in the land of men. Combines mythical tales and gritty human drama with extraordinary events, strange creatures, and fierce battles.

Image of my book mockup The Saga of the Birnings
Image of my book mockup The Saga of the Birnings book two norse saga
a book of saga viking


A book of mecha like japanese manga
Akeron Unleashed a book of sci fi japanese mecha versus aliens

This sci-fi novella is a thrilling, fast-paced novella that will appeal to fans of both science fiction and military fiction. With its blend of high-octane mecha action, gripping storyline, and memorable characters. So readers will be plunged into a story that blends drama with gritty action.


In the future, humanity reaches faster light speed awakening a group of aliens that dwells on the moon that averts humankind from being a spacefaring civilization. Nevertheless, human nations united to repel this extraterrestrial martial force summoning an elite squad of mech pilots. Tensions rise as the pilots struggle to cope with the burden of being humanity's last hope against strange enemy technology.


Image of my book mockup Akeron Unleashed is a sci fi book of robots

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