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Based on ancient Viking legends, it tells of ill-fated deeds of tragedy and strife in the land of men. Combines mythical tales and gritty human drama with extraordinary events, strange creatures, and fierce battles.

It starts with a love triangle of Bjarki, a man of insatiable desires, who falls in love with Ingrid, a swain-maiden, and the despised wife Ylva, and that was kept concealed. Because of her unrequited love, Ylva plotted the destruction of both lovers.

After being victorious, she frightens the land with her ‘wolf-warriors,’ she slaughters her foes with her dread werewolf form and uses her treachery schemes. But a mighty shield-maiden Bera vows to stop the queen’s endeavor and thus honor the death of her kinsman and brother, Bjarki.

If you like Vikings and Norse mythology, swords, and shapeshifting magic, you will enjoy this unforgettable story of never-ending revenge.

Image of my book mockup The Saga of the Birnings a viking saga book
The Saga of the Birnings a norse saga viking book
The Saga of the Birnings a viking saga book



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